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Brittany is a Social Media Marketing Expert and Consultant based in Edmonton, Canada

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“Strive not to make your presence noticed, but your absence felt.” - Rhonda Masterson

My name is Brittany Miller, and I am a Social Media Marketing Consultant and Strategist, with a specialized focus on organic Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn growth strategies.

I started my business in 2019, as a boutique social media management agency based outside of Edmonton, Alberta.

My goal: to help busy service-based business owners and brands build a presence on social media, promote their services, and attract aligned customers and followers.

While supporting clients as a Social Media Manager, I noticed that there were certain things I needed my clients to do to help maximize the results of our efforts - but they lacked the knowledge, skillset and confidence in some of these areas.

This included showing up with intentionality on Instagram Stories or IG Lives, proactive engagement to fuel growth, filming specific video footage for reels, etc. As I started to ‘coach’ clients on how to do this and why it was important, I realized there was an opportunity to educate and empower more business owners.  

In 2022, I pivoted my business from an agency to a social media consulting studio & education platform, helping business owners and their teams cultivate the skillsets to effectively utilize social media for business growth, revenue and impact.

Since starting my business, I've supported over 50+ clients across North America and Globally feel confident using different social media platforms, write captivating captions, create effective video content (reels & short form videos), and build an engaged and authentic community online.

This includes following my signature 5-step content creation system and online social media courses to increase visibility, create captivating content, and amplify your message in the digital space.

Today, I am hired by organizations, associations, and conference event planners to speak on the topics of social media marketing, digital storytelling, and building your personal brand online. Learn more about my speaking services here.

Before starting my consulting business, I spent 6 years as a marketing professional in real estate, home development and the fitness industry.

When I’m not coaching clients, creating social media strategies or teaching Instagram workshops, you can find me hiking or mountain biking in the mountains, camping in our self-built trailer, travelling the world, or hiding out in a cozy cafe drinking a latte.

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Fun facts about me:

I journal every day

Chai lattes are my favorite drink

I love deep conversations

Mountains are my happy place

I'm from Canada

I love traveling

My positive energy is my superpower

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