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I am a social media guru that is passionate about helping female-based businesses elevate their social media presence online while creating a life wilder than their wildest dreams.

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“Strive not to make your presence noticed, but your absence felt.” - Rhonda Masterson

My social media marketing journey started while in University, when I was responsible for managing the Bookstores Facebook page. Since then, I was responsible for managing the social media accounts at all of my corporate marketing jobs.

In 2015, I was asked by a mortgage broker if I could manage his social media. This began the beginning of Brittany Miller Biz as a “side business” which eventually evolved into my full-time business in 2019.

Fun Fact: He is still one of my clients (6 years and going strong)!

Though my business niche and focus has shifted, one thing remains the same. Building strong, long-lasting client relationships is incredibly important to me. This rings true as my average client-working relationship is 1.5 years (which is incredible as my contracts are on a 3-month basis).

What does that mean? If we start working together, you just might be stuck with me for the long-haul! ;)

My secret gift is being able to translate my client’s unique stories and incredible services into social media posts that connect with their community. I believe authenticity, transparency, and consistency are the best strategies for social media success, and I strongly stand by these core values.

I truly want to see my clients succeed, and I celebrate damn hard when they do! If you are ready to implement soulful social marketing strategies so that you can amplify your voice and build an engaged and authentic community let's connect! 

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Fun facts about me:

I journal every day

Chai lattes are my favorite drink

I love deep conversations

Mountains are my happy place

I'm from Canada

I love traveling

My positive energy is my superpower

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